• This Old Man 24/11/2010

    Today, we finished our little canvas creations by sticking on paper napkin motifs. I must say they looked very nice! The younger children had some difficulty in peeling off the backing paper from the paper napkins. However, all the creations were completed successfully!

    We repeated our song - "This Old Man". If you want to listen to this song, go to YouTube and watch the video of the Music Factory.This is the version of the song that we learned.

    We played a little game with food flashcards. We learned the names of these foods: pineapple, orange, tomato, apple, chips, chocolate, pizza, cheese, banana, ice-cream, watermelon, bread, pear and strawberries!

    I'm very glad to say that Marie-Christine will be back with us next week to help us make Christmas decorations from clay. Don't forget the big apron!

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