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    Un début fébrile cette année avec 4 jolies filles dans le groupe de l'après midi. J'éspère que l'atelier Halloween va amener de nouveux inscrits. Nous proposons l'atelier le mercredi 26 octobre de 14h à 17h. Le prix est 15€ pour les participants (10€ pour les adhérents).

    Bonne semaine à tout le monde,


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  • Please post any photos you may have of the little show on June 14th. I don't know exactly when Apple Tree will resume its activities in September. As of now, there aren't enough children to form a group on Wednesday morning, BUT, once again, I have older children - or rather their parents - asking for "lessons". I hesitate to take on collégiens. In general, they are not interested in participating orally in English.Those at lycée level are, but seeing as the French teaching system leaves them so lacking in confidence and tongue-tied, it really is an upward struggle to try and get children of this level to put two words together. I'm not blaming their English teachers. I'm blaming the programme hashed together by succesive ministers of Education and then imposed on these young people. Don't you find it shocking that a French youngster - now - can have 10 years of English lessons and still be unable to understand even the most basic information let alone express even a very simple idea? I know why, but the likes of Luc Chatel doesn't!

    I'll contact you all in September so we can decide on times for English. If you know of any children who might be interested, please give them my  email address.

    Have a good holiday!


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  • Happy New Year to all of you and big apologies for not adding anything to the blog since Christmas. On January 6th we made feeders for birds and learned the names of some common garden birds in this region. We also coloured pictures of birds. So, do you know the names of these birds in French?  Chaffinch, Robin, Blue Tit, Starling, Sparrow, Blackbird........

    On January 13th, we made Lemon Curd .This is typically British - and Irish too!

    The children were given the recipe. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you'll make some yourself!

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  • Our lovely Christmas ornaments were fired by Marie-Christine in her kiln in Blaye. We painted them last Wednesday, but we didn't have time to do the final touches - varnishing and attachments. As our last session will be Christmas baking, I'm finishing the ornaments for the children. It's not my policy to do things for the children but these are exceptional times!

    Here are some photos of our workshop.

    La presse

    Girls at work!

    We're all very busy!

    What colour is a Christmas tree?

    La presse

    Nicolas and Noémie in their element!


    http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2269956_2.jpg http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2269956_3.jpg http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2269956_4.jpg


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  • Christmas deco

    Ci dessus: Quentin à l'oeuvre

    Ci dessous: Maëlys très concentrée


    Ci dessous: Maman à l'oeuvre

    Christmas deco



    Christmas deco

    Ci dessus: Les emporte-pièces

    Nous avons fait les décorations de Noël en terre. L'atelier était animé par Marie-Christine aidée par Stéphanie et Carole. Ces deux mères sont très actives au sein de l'association. J'ai fouillé ma cuisine et j'ai trouvé mes emporte-pièces. Il y aura des hippopotames et des éléphants sur le sapin cette année!!!

    Marie-Christine mettra nos créations au four chez elle et nous allons décorer nos petits sujets la semaine prochaine.

    On a commencé l'apprentissage d'une chanson - "Christmas is coming". On va la chanter pour les parents le 15 décembre, date de notre dernière séance avant les vacances de Noël.

    http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2201232_1.jpg http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2201232_2.jpg http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2201232_3.jpg

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