• It's been a long, long time!

    Bonjour membres de l'Association et curieux

    Cette année les choses ont démarré très lentement avec un seul groupe d'enfants le mercredii matin. Cependant, j'ai remarqué que les enfants de l'année dernière qui sont revenus ont énormement progressé. Preuve que la methode directe marche.

    Nous avons fait 3 séances jusqu'à maintenant:

    14/09 Cuisine - les tartelettes aux figues et une chanson A-P-P-L-E

    21/09 Paperbag scarecrow et la chanson "Dingle dangle scarecrow".

    27/09 Fabrication d'un petit livre pour l'automne et la chanson traditionelle "This is the way"

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    maman de Quentin
    Mercredi 13 Octobre 2010 à 18:42

    Good afternoon Meg, i'm the mother to Gilberdy Quentin. I wante to try to write in english but would you be excuse me if I write or speak very well because it is a long time ago what I have'nt speak english! I've just discorve your blog and I think that it's a good idea. Quentin is very happy to come at you: all the wenesday he said to me "quickly, I'm in a hurry to go at Meg 'house" He seems very interested in your meetings and I think he progresses because he tries to speak with the good accent. I want to thank you for your workshops which are very "ludique" and interesting. I'm envious because I feel like to do again english! I thank you again to the happiness what you give at Quentin. I think also it's very important to learn an another language and I agree with you when you said that the "oral" is better to learn english or another. Bye bye see you the next wenesday

    Dimanche 24 Octobre 2010 à 16:01

    So happy to see mothers implicated in the learning process! It's a fantastic idea to write in English. Well done, Carole!

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