• Final touches 8/12/2010

    Our lovely Christmas ornaments were fired by Marie-Christine in her kiln in Blaye. We painted them last Wednesday, but we didn't have time to do the final touches - varnishing and attachments. As our last session will be Christmas baking, I'm finishing the ornaments for the children. It's not my policy to do things for the children but these are exceptional times!

    Here are some photos of our workshop.

    La presse

    Girls at work!

    We're all very busy!

    What colour is a Christmas tree?

    La presse

    Nicolas and Noémie in their element!


    http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2269956_2.jpg http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2269956_3.jpg http://data0.kif.fr/apple-tree/mod_article2269956_4.jpg


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    maman de Quentin
    Mardi 14 Décembre 2010 à 18:34

    Hello Meg, I'm hurry to see the christmas's decorations. quentin wants to write a word to you: Bonjour c'est Quentin, je trouve que  les ateliers  étaient très bien je  te  remercie pour  les  ateliers, je trouve que c'est vraiment original. See  you tomorow big kiss Quentin.

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