• Atelier Hallowe'en

    Apple Tree organise un atelier Hallowe'en le samedi 23 octobre 2010 de 14h à 17h. Les enfants vont faire de la cuisine et une décoration pour hallowe'en. Venez vos inscrire.

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    maman de Quentin
    Samedi 23 Octobre 2010 à 19:43

    Good evening Meg,

    what a delicious littles tarts! It's a good idea this journey Halloween and I have to tell you that Quentin is falling in love of your daugther, he said "Leila is very beautiful and kind!" It's a pleasure to see Quentin who is light-hearted when I took back him at home, as today for example.

    Past a good holidays and see you the 10 november. We are hurry up to know what surprise you'll prepare 

    You have a big kiss to Quentin as well as your daughter.

    Bye, bye Quentin and his mother 


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