• An example of some clothes;

    We basically did the same activity on both days but the Wednesday group had to find different kinds of garments in catalogues, cut them out, stick them on to a big sheet of A3 drawing paper, write the name beside each item and have the sheet laminated! Wow! The laminated sheet could be used as a desk mat.
    The Friday group coloured the pictures of different clothes and then cut out the pictures with the correct label. Pictures and labels were stuck on to a big A3 drawing sheet and laminated.
    I intended teaching the children the song "What colour is my t-shirt?" but there was no time.

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  • La presse

    I prepared the white cotton cushion covers. The children drew flowers with felt pens on the cloth. They then filled the mini-cushions with lavender and I sewed the opening. This project was very successful thanks to Mr Poirier who ironed the cushions to fix the colours and also Leïla who read the story "Two crazy cows" to the children while I was sewing their cushions.
    We had a game of blockbusters with Team A winning.
    Our session ended with singing.

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  • Experiments

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  • HalloweenHalloween
    Le journée spéciale halloween s'est déroulée le mercredi 26 octobre et a permis aux enfants qui s'étaient inscrits de réaliser une marionnette de sorcière en papier maché et de préparer des queen cakes.

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  • Our two groups did Halloween activities. The Wednesday group made a small book called "Five little pumpkins". This activity involved folding, sticking and stapling. We recited the poem several times and I think we can safely say we know it.
    On Friday, we made witch finger puppets. It was a difficult day as the Apple Tree room had heating problems. We worked in the living room around a big table. finger puppet witch

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